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Free and Easy Extension

for Checking Broken Links

on Your Site

Just install Atomseo Broken and Redirect Links Checker free extension and visually track all link statuses – from working links (green) to redirects (yellow) and broken links (red). You can also download a separate list of links.

This free add-on comes without ads, tracking, or any tricks. Install it now!

Key Features:

1. Check Status Codes

Instantly identify the health of your links with detailed status codes. From the reassuring 200 to the dreaded 404, no link issue can be hidden from our vigilant scanner.

2. Check Redirects

Uncover hidden redirects (301, 302) and ensure smooth navigation for your visitors. Our extension makes sure every redirection is deliberate and optimized for user experience.

3. Check Broken and 404 Links

Bid farewell to dead ends and frustrating 404 errors. Atomseo swiftly detects broken links, empowering you to rectify them promptly and maintain a flawless website ecosystem.

4. Visual Link Highlighting

Effortlessly navigate your website as Atomseo highlights each link with vibrant colors, making troubleshooting a breeze. Seamlessly integrated into your Chrome browser, our extension is your go-to solution for on-page optimization and maintenance.

5. Download а Comprehensive Error Report

Get instant access to a detailed report covering all types of http status errors and warnings.

Simply export the report to quickly view and filter error codes for the links found on your page. This efficient solution helps you and your team identify and fix issues promptly. The report is available for immediate download directly from the plugin!

Download now and start optimizing your site today!

6. Free and Ad-Free

100% free and ad-free, no tracking inside! Join 50,000+ weekly users.
With Atomseo Broken and Redirect Links Checker, your website will stay in its prime state, boosting user experience and enhancing SEO rankings. Don't let broken links hold your website back—optimize, rectify, and thrive today!

Download now and experience the difference firsthand. Your website deserves the best - Atomseo delivers.
Need even more? Try our online service for checking links, including email alerts for broken links!

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